Vision Statement

The Torch Foundation’s vision is for all teens to be responsible, authentic, empowered, and confident leaders who create extraordinary results not only for themselves but also for their families and the world at large.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide transformational workshops that promote self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills for our teens. By instilling compassion, confidence, and integrity in our youth, we are creating an ever-widening circle of leaders.


The Torch Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization created in 2002 in Los Angeles, California.

It was founded by Margo Majdi, who also founded Mastery in Transformation Training (MITT), a Los Angeles-based organization that offers life-changing workshops, seminars, and graduate programs for adults 18 years and older. To learn more about MITT and Margo Majdi, please go to www.mittraining.com.

Today, The Torch Foundation is run by a dedicated team of trainers, coaches, and volunteers, as well as its Board of Directors. We partner with donors, sponsors, and organizations, such as schools, youth centers, and religious or spiritual institutions, so that the trainings can be provided completely free of charge to teens.

“Together we can change the world – One teen at a time.”

Margo Majdi, Founder/CEO

Founder / President

Margo Majdi

Founder and President

Board of Directors

Abel Calderon

Board Member

Aimee Sones

Vice President of the Board and Member

Anisa Hamdan

Secretary of the Board and Member

Anastasia Khabal

Board Member

Argine Ovsepyan

Board Member

Douglas Carlson

Assistant Secretary of the Board and Member

Lyna Chon

Assistant Secretary of the Board and Member

Marlene Guzman

Treasurer of the Board and Member

Morgan Sabo

Board Member


Dianne Langford James

Director of Education