Vision Statement

The Torch Foundation’s vision is a world of responsible, honest and aware teens who dream big and are empowered to change their families, schools and communities, in becoming our future leaders.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Torch Foundation is that our transformational trainings for teens become a standard of the global educational system, thus creating visionary leaders and a ripple effect of love and compassion within their communities, where 100% graduate high school, non-violence in schools and evoke compassion.

“Together we can change the world – One teen at a time.”

Margo Majdi, Founder/CEO

Founder / President

Margo Majdi

Founder and President

Board of Directors

Douglas Carlson

Board Member

Argine Ovsepyan

Board Member

Jose Fuentes

Board Member

Abel Calderon

Board Member

Aimee Sones

Secretary of the Board and Member

Nicole Siegel

Board Member


Dianne Langford-James

Director of Training